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Rick Zieff

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Yellowbird Media owner Rick Zieff has been immersed in the entertainment industry for over twenty-five years. He directs, casts, produces, writes, and acts. Rick’s experience spans all media: film, television, stage, radio, CD-ROM, and the internet.  His reputation for innovative, multicultural casting, and finely tuned character direction make him sought after for animation, videogames, industrials, and marketing/promo projects.  For example, when voice directing the acclaimed animated feature “Steamboy”, Rick cast not only in L.A., New York, and London, but also in the Northern England towns where the movie took place.  His stars in that project were Patrick Stewart, Alfred Molina, and Anna Paquin. He developed the voices for the animated pilot “The Theys”, and cast and directed all 52 episodes of “Gundam Force” on the Cartoon Network.  Rick has directed videogames for Bandai and Sony.  Notably, Rick cast “The Pirates of the Caribbean” videogame, the alternate reality game for "Tron", and “The ChubbChubbs!” which won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film.  Rick is currently recording the new "Airbender: Legend of Korra" series at Nickelodeon.

Some of Yellowbird’s clients include:

Microsoft, Dreamworks, Disney, Activision, Hasbro, Wrigley's, Jello, Allpets.com, Pioneer, Nitto Tires, G4, Renegade Animation 

Rick’s dynamic and entertaining coaching style make him a much sought after lecturer throughout the country. In Los Angeles, “Rick Zieff’s Unbelievably Fun Voice-over Class” is extremely popular. He is a regular speaker at both the Showbiz Expo and Actorfest, and is a guest teacher at many popular L.A. workshops (SAG-AFTRA's CAP program, the Don LaFontaine Voice-Over Lab, etc.). Many of Rick’s students have gone on to do national commercials, hit animation t.v.series, popular video games, bestseller audiobooks, and ongoing corporate narration. No matter what the medium, Rick emphasizes the importance of character development, text analysis, improvisation, and stresses that making strong creative choices are essential at the microphone. He teaches the tools voice actors need to “book” the job.

“Steamboy” (Sony a
nimated feature film)
"The Dark Knight" Batman Videogame
“SD Gundam Force” (Cartoon Network animated series–52 episodes)
Bandai Video Games
“The Theys” (Animated series pilot)
Hooper (voice-over elements for  PBS' hamster mascot) 
Allpets.com (Television commercial campaign–- six spots)
Neutrogena (international corporate industrials -- recorded in five languages)
Space.com (Website ga
me show)
Jello Promotional Campaign
Neo-Gen Promo (Pioneer)
Nitto Tire Promo
Vela Advertising Radio promo reel (12 spots)
LRN (Numerous industrial voice-overs)
Theatre (Partial listing):
“Pot at the End of Your Elbow” (Altered Stages– New York)
“People Like Us” (Matrix Theatre– L.A.)
“I’m 36 Years Old and I Can Smoke if I Want” (Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York)
“Strange Snow” (Rose Theatre, L.A.)

Voice-over Casting
“The ChubbChubbs!” (Oscar–Best Animated Short Film)
Double Halo 2 Promotional (Alternate reality game)
Hasbro Toys (TV campaign)
AllPets.com (TV campaign)
Pacific Bell (TV campaign)
LRN (Over 100 hrs. corporate industrials)
Activision (Video games)
G4 (Video game cable network)
Musketeer Partners (Website)
Leap Frog (Educational materials)

Notable Voice-over Acting Credits
"Toy Story", "Toy Story 2", and "Toy Story 3" Audiobooks
“Steamboy” (animated feature)
“As Good As It Gets” (Voice of Verdell the dog!)
“Snowden’s Christmas” (TV Christmas special)
“Who Wants to be A Millionaire?” (Videogame)
“The Road to El Dorado” (Audiobook from the feature film–- 500,000 copies sold)
“Once Upon a Fairytale” (Award-winning audiobook)
Hundreds of commercials, CD-ROM’s, industrials, and audiobooks

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